Raider padre

by Ralph A. Liberato, Pvt., USMC

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REV. PAUL J. REDMOND (1899 1990)

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Raider Padre Article

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. . . if you want a story the story of this great war, look beyond the stories of the war correspondents, dont listen to our politicians and statesmen in Washington, ignore all so-called contemporary historians . . .

It is in the manuscripts stories, articles, poems and letters that are pouring into this Red Cross Service Club.

. . . this is real democracy speaking. It is young America expressing itself. Uncle Sams fighters, from Admiral Halsey to Private Liberato, sing the same theme, the great American spirit.

Julius Klein,

U.S. reporter and WWII correspondent, Memo to My Old Boss, Frank Carson, GISMO, No. 1, p. 19

(Nearly 200 manuscripts were submitted at the Red Cross Service Club at APO 502 for publication in the first issue of GISMO. Ralph Liberatos story, Raider Padre, appears on pages 10-11.)

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