About This Website

Ralph Liberatoís website began shortly after his passing, when his household contents were deposited into my house and garage to accommodate an eager buyer. My role as family archivist was born out of necessity and practicality. I was the only one living nearby at the time of his death. Thus, began the overwhelming task of organizing my fatherís life. This challenge was compounded by the realization that I didnít know as much about my father as I had thought.

Yes, yes, we all knew he was a World War II Marine Raider, a delegate to the 1961 Michigan Constitutional Convention, an unsuccessful candidate for Mayor of Warren, a Macomb County Commissioner, and a dedicated Party (Democratic), and devoted Union, man. Yet, the depth of our awareness was not very deep at all. After reading the numerous newspapers articles, awards and tributes, I learned a lot more about my father, Macomb County politics, unions, and our state constitution.

Creating this website has been akin to working an enormous puzzle. This puzzle is not complete, nor ever will be. I have done my best to create an overview of one manís path of public service from the puzzle pieces afforded me. His many accomplishments and titles aside, what made Ralph Liberato a great public servant and human being was the many ways in which he lovingly and positively touched and influenced the lives of others.

Many people deserve their own website. So many wonderful public servants and kind and loving people grace this Earth every day Ė often without acknowledgement or homage. To them, then, this site is also dedicated.

Lynn Liberato